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Net Cafe is a leading company in the Aria of Wari ,Nawabpur Gulistan....   


Information technology for networking solutions

for-both business and home users. Our reliable High performance IT solutions are designed for a variety of environments providing wired  connectivity within remote and offices telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce .

Our Complete line of award winning , value based networking solutions includes the everything from switches at the core with the routers at the edge along with the dedicated bandwidth as per user demand ,enabling user to share Internet access ,among multiple computers and other internet enabled devices.
 Networking products sell
  •  Networking Solution,
  •  Ethernet Networking Solutions,
  •  Fiber Optic Networking Solutions
  •  IP Camera Security Networking Solutions
  •  WI- Fi IP Camera Security Networking Solutions
  •  CCTV Security Networking Solutions
  •  Computer Sales & Servicing
  •  Web Design
  •  It Solution
  •  Router
  •  Switch Cat -5 Cable
  •  Fiber Media Convertor
  •  Patch cord
  •  Tj Box